The best step towards protecting your brand is by stopping its abuse online. WIth FLux Digital’s Brand Protection system, we can ensure your brand credibility by identifying any unauthorized use, and taking immediate action to prevent them from doing any further harm.

Stop scams before it harms your brand.

Today, brands are often imitated by inferior competitors who want to trick you and your customers into choosing their business. If you have clients that regularly use usernames and passwords, client payment facilities and customer portals, there is a big chance that their account may be taken over by scams that primarily aim to harm your system. 

Flux Digital employs a system that can effectively pinpoint and stop the root cause of these unwanted attacks to your system. Our proactive solution uses advanced technologies to find sources of these threats across web, mobile and social media channels.

Our sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system can initiate takedowns, scam blocking and various fraud response protocols to ensure that attacks are contained and ultimately protect your brand and your business. Unlike traditional and less effective approaches, we can monitor, review, interpret and determine whether a marketing channel has any potential for malicious activities.

Fake Websites Takedown

With thousands of fraudulent websites created every week, it’s difficult to track and monitor everything down. Be more confident about the security of your brand. Let Flux Digital help you create a system to fight against malicious digital platforms.

Flux Digital uses a patented Artificial Intelligence system that learns to recognize your own website then scours the internet in search for impersonations. In less than an hour of starting with the brand protection program, you can make your brand more secure than ever before!

Our system detects scams, phishing websites, fake shops, cloned sites, and other fraudulent sites. With these malicious platforms in check, we can then respond to mitigate the risk before you and your customer base become unknowing victims.

Account Defender and Counterattack

Virtual hijackers are always aiming to attack businesses. You should always be ready to protect your brand, stand strong and fight back! Start your counteroffensive with Flux Digital!

Flux Digital can catch any possible threat by visually examining millions of sites every day, then pinpoint online impersonations of your brand. Our brand protection solution detects all types of digital identity theft - from phishing and payment data theft to unauthorized personal information reuse to content re-publishing. 

Business protection goes beyond defense. We are always ready to respond and take out the risk before any irreversible damage to your brand has been executed. Let’s fight back together to stop hackers on their tracks. This is the start of our counterattack by breaking the scammers’ business model and exposing their true identities.

Social Media Crawler

Nowadays, almost all businesses have a presence in at least one social media platform. As such, scammers are on constant cyber attack to exploit these channels by using fake social media accounts. What you need to look out for is how they steal critical data and funds from their unknowing victims.

You need to protect your brand and your business by preventing these threats to target you and your clients on social media. Flux DIgital can help determine any potential scams and immediately block them off before they harm your brand on any social media platform.

We can monitor any social media platform for potential accounts, interaction and any other communication that is attempting to impersonate your brand, staff and online systems. We then directly work with the social media platform’s security team to proactively terminate any threat.

Protect your brand before any irreparable damage can be done in your business. It’s time to be confident in running social media campaigns for your business with Flux Digital.

Mobile App Protection

With practically everyone on their mobile devices, mobile apps are in danger of cyber attacks. Impersonators of legitimate businesses are now the favorite target of the majority of scammers’ operations.

We can discover fake mobile applications and browser extensions that aim to mimic your brand. Rogue mobile apps stand no chance to attack with Flux Digital Mobile App Protection. Our system can take down any hackers as soon as we detect them.

With zero integration needed to implement, you can be good to go as soon as you reach out. Flux Digital takes brand protection to the next level. We establish the best virtual protection for your brand and your clients. We got your business growth covered.

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