Listen before you speak. Flux Digital uses all the right tools to meet your marketing objectives.

Explore a whole new dimension of social

There is more to social media that meets the eye.

Social Listening

Find conversations about your brand that is most relevant to your business performance. Make sure you protect your online image and reputation by listening to and engaging with mentions that matter to you.

Influencer Tracking

Identify the right influencers who can make the difference to your brand. Flux Digital can give you the relevant insights and analysis of leaders in your industry and how their performance is affecting your online presence.


View your social media campaigns and other digital marketing efforts scientifically and comprehensively. Flux Digital can give you the key analytics you need to guide you on how to move forward with your social media campaigns.

Expansive Social Media Management

Reach the right audience through the right social media platform.

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Advanced Social Listening System

Strengthen your business by listening to what your market is saying about your brand. Keeping your loyal audience and potential customers engaged, and learning about your competitors is key.

Graphic Analytics Tool

It’s not just about being on your preferred platform. It’s about executing your strategies correctly, adjusting them accordingly, and getting your expected returns on your investment. You can do all these by effectively measuring your social media campaign performances.



Professional Management

Manage your presence on all social media channels at a professional level.


Comprehensive Reporting

Receive regular and detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns.


Dynamic Campaigns

Adjust your campaigns accordingly as your audience evolves in real-time.


Market Research

Make your next marketing decision, such as choosing an influencer, creating the next viral campaign, or engaging key audiences, based on data-based insights.


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